Discover how Kirstyn Sierra, Mother of 5, reversed her own infertilty, and now helps others get pregnant quickly and naturally... even women who are hopeless after doing everything their doctors suggest...

From: Kirstyn Sierra

Tuesday, 8:30 am

Dear Friend,

My name is Kirstyn Sierra, and for over 25 years, I've helped women increase their fertility and learn how to get pregnant quickly.

You may already know that I'm the author and creator of the Pregancy Keys Program, which has helped over 100 women to conceive quickly and naturally. But what you may not know is that I suffered with secondary infertility in my mid 30's which made me desperate to find a way to naturally cure my infertility.

When my husband and I decided to try for baby #4, we went to a warm cabin in the Sierra Mountains.  It was just after Thanksgiving, and the cabin was decorated for Christmas.  The loft was trimmed with garland and shimmering lights, there were big fragrant wreaths on the walls, and a tall tree stood next to the crackling fire in the fireplace.

We enjoyed taking romantic walks in the snow and sharing with each other over candle-lit dinners. During our vacation in the mountains.  I was excited knowing that the during our vacation I would conceive our baby.  So we made love throughout the week, and enjoyed a very fun vacation.

Two weeks later, I was VERY disappointed to get a negative pregnancy test. Month after month I saw the same pattern.  Week signs of fertility  and then a negative pregnancy test.

Something was definitely wrong and I soon realized that the reason I was not getting pregnant was that I wasn't ovulating and without releasing an egg, I simply could not conceive. I was infertile.

But why was I all of a sudden experiencing secondary infertility?

I think the #1 factor was the stress I had encountered in the year prior, just after the birth of my 3rd baby.  My 3rd baby was born with a congenital heart defect.  He went through open heart surgery only 2 1/2 months after he was born.  I think the hardest part was giving my newborn over to the nurse before surgery… not knowing if I would ever see my baby alive again.

God guided the surgeon’s hands and my baby did very well.   My husband and I stayed in the hospital with him during his entire stay.  After he was released we had more doctor visits and it was just a very stressful 6 months.  But God provided the strength we needed, and life eventually went back to “normal”.

A year and a half later, we decided to try for baby #4 and now I had two challenges to overcome…

1.  I needed to start ovulating again.
2.  I wanted to be sure I had high quality eggs because I really wanted this baby to be born healthy, without any health problems.

After awhile, I became desperate to figure out how to start ovulating again. My anovulatory cycles indicated that something was wrong, and I would have a hard time carrying a baby even if I was able to get pregnant.

I didn’t want to go the “medical” route.   Plus I knew that even if I did, my husband would not support it.  He would be fine if we didn’t have any more children.  But I desperately wanted another.

Later I learned that IVF cycles only have a 20%-30% success rate, but natural methods have up to an 80% success rate.

So I talked to my nutritionist and she taught me how to boost the health of my eggs and how to balance my hormones naturally in order to become fertile again.  I worked with my doctor who ordered some tests so I could track my hormone levels.  Knowing what hormones were out of balance helped me to know what I would need to supplement with.

That was a rough year of sadness and heartache, as I desperately wanted another baby.  It was interesting how people would try to console me by telling me that I should be happy that I already had 3 children, but to me, the desire for this 4th baby was just as strong as the desire for the first.  Every one of my children was special and I was thankful for them all, but the desire for another was so strong that it deeply hurt to know that I may never be able to have another baby.

The year trudged by as month after month I saw no signs of ovulation... November arrived and we planned, again, to go to the cabin in the mountains for vacation.  As I planned and packed, there was no joy or excitement.  I now associated the warm cabin and the glistening lights with trying for a baby... a baby I should have been carrying in my arms by now.

A couple of weeks before we were scheduled to leave on our vacation, the phone rang, and it was a friend who had just found out she was pregnant.  I was very happy for her, but I felt so empty inside.

Oddly, though, when I hung up the phone, I noticed very strong signs of fertility.  After a year of infertility, I knew I was fertile again – there was no missing those signs!  My husband and I made love that night, and 10 days later I took a pregnancy test.  It was POSITIVE!

We left for our trip to our cabin in the woods 4 days later, and I enjoyed it immensely.  I was finally pregnant and carrying my baby in my womb and later that summer, I gave birth to a healthy baby girl.

I continued with the fertility enhancing lifestyle, diet and nutrients that I had used to reverse my infertility, and I conceived again and gave birth to another healthy daughter, Alyssandra, just 1 month shy of my 41st birthday.

Both of the babies I had after my heart baby, were completely healthy - even though my chances of conceiving a baby with a defect got higher each year I grew older.  That's the power of living a fertility friendly lifestyle.

So what I learned before I got pregnant with my first baby, was how to increase my odds of conceiving when I ovulated.  That worked every time... as long as I was fertile.

What I learned after having my "heart baby" was that I was now getting older, and needed to increase the quality of my eggs  so I could avoid having another "heart baby".  I was told that my risk of conceiving another "heart baby" was higher, now that I had had one child with a congenital heart defect. Yet BOTH of the babies I had after him were completely healthy.

The fertility enhancing foods, the infertility reversing supplements and the stress reduction techniques I learned helped to increase egg quality and balance hormones, so that when I DID ovulate, I released a healthy, high quality egg.

If you are struggling to become pregnant, but for some reason up to now you haven't been able to conceive, I can honestly feel your sadness. I've been where you are - in that place where you desperately want a child, but you can't get pregnant.

Something that should be so easy and natural for you to do just hasn't happened the way it should. You feel like you are all alone in this; your husband might be supportive, but honestly, how can a man ever really know the emotional pain you are going through?  My husband certainly didn't.

It's a devastating feeling when the one thing in the world you want above all else is a baby, and you don't know if you will ever be able to become pregnant. It's all you think of all day, every day; your baby and how you will love and cherish him (or her). The "not knowing" truly has to be the scariest feeling any woman can endure. 

You've tried everything you can think of, searching for the one missing piece of the puzzle that could be your answer, but no matter what you do, every month you feel the overwhelming sadness of again not being able to become pregnant.

But there IS hope...

infertility cureThe good news is, there are many simple, natural things you can do to increase your chances of conceiving, without having to undergo expensive medical interventions or subjecting your body to potentially dangerous drugs. The key to becoming pregnant for most women is simply to create a vibrant, wonderfully healthy body that is ready and able to conceive the child of your dreams. 

Up until now, I've really only offered my coaching to a small number of people who contacted me through my website. But after getting hundreds of questions and being completely overwhelmed by women desperate for answers to their infertility and conception problems, I've decided to try and help as many people as I possibly can, and the best way I could think of to do that was to create this course... so you'll know what to do Before Your Pregnancy to increase your chances of conceiving and having a full term pregnancy.


The Infertility Cure

A Proven System For Getting Pregnant & Having Healthy Babies

The Infertility Cure by  Kirstyn Sierra

This coaching course covers the right foods to eat, the right beverages to drink, the right lifestyle changes to make, and much, much more. We start off with the things you can do first that are going to have the biggest immediate effect, so your chances of getting pregnant more quickly are the greatest.

Then in each lesson, you'll learn more about how your body works and ways to create better lifestyle choices, create a stronger bond with your husband, and much more as you bring your body towards vibrant, baby-ready health and fertility.

This truly is the ultimate guide to becoming pregnant, combining my 25+ years of research and the practical knowledge I've learned from having 5 wonderful children, all condensed into The Infertility Cure System.

It's taken many months and lots of sleepless nights to put this together, but I think you will agree that it has all been worth it.

Click here now to Try It Out...

Here's What You'll Discover...

  • A beverage which increases fertility, which is vitally important to know because without boosting this area of fertility, the sperm have a very low chance of reaching the egg. If your husband's sperm can't reach the egg, you simply cannot become pregnant .

  • The one enjoyable thing you should be doing every single day (it's not what you think) which is highly beneficial for boosting your fertility and becoming pregnant

  • The substance you're exposed to every day that can have a detrimental effect on sperm and eggs, can cause miscarriages and birth defects, and what you can do to reduce your exposure to this toxic substance

  • The one seasoning used in food preparation that causes hormonal imbalance when your body has too little or too much of it

  • Special techniques to increase ovulation that have been proven by years of scientific research, which gives you a better chance of conceiving each month

  • How to have a yummy fast food meal that doesn't sabotage your baby making efforts. Eating certain fast foods can severely reduce your fertility and ruin your chances of becoming pregnant. Here's how to enjoy eating out while enhancing your chances of having a baby

  • Which super food will give you energy if you're tired, build you up if you're anemic, and help you if your life is stressful

  • Which foods to eat during your period and up until ovulation, which is important to know because these foods will strengthen your egg quality, encourage ovulation as well as boost your energy

  • Which foods to eat after ovulation, foods which will improve the lining of your uterus which is important so that you can avoid early miscarriages commonly associated with a short luteal phase or thin uterine lining

  • Which sweet berry is considered the “miracle herb” and should be a part of every woman's diet because of it's greatest gifts of improving egg quality, balancing hormones and curing infertility

  • The food group that can create too much estrogen if you eat too much of it which causes hormonal imbalance making it much more difficult to conceive

  • The 3 essential minerals for creating healthy sperm that can swim quickly to the egg

  • Which very common vitamin helps to protect sperm from clumping so that they can move to the egg faster. Clumping means your husband's sperm are joined together, making it difficult or impossible for them to swim to fertilize your waiting egg

  • Which B Vitamin is the most critical supplement for you to take and why you should start taking it right away in order to increase your fertility and increase your chances of having a healthy baby

  • A very important thing for you to do 2 or 3 times a day in order to clear old hormones and toxins from your system; hormones that may still be in your system from hormonal birth control like the pill, which means you'll be able to balance your hormones much faster

  • Specific steps you can take, starting today, to bring your hormones into balance naturally. This is critically important for your body to allow you to conceive and support a pregnancy

  • Which mineral will help you relax and relieve stress. This is so important, because a relaxed body is free to work on baby making instead of working so hard to keep you healthy under stress

  • How to bring passion back into your baby making sexual encounters which will strengthen your relationship, make that time in your cycle much more enjoyable, and relieve tension

  • The surprising relationship building exercise you can do to turn on the chemicals in your body that reverse infertility and help you to become healthier

  • Which oil reduces inflammation in the pelvic area which could help you get pregnant much faster

  • How to care for the organ which is responsible for moving estrogen out of your body. This is important because if this organ is under stress, it won't be able to regulate your hormones as well

  • An eating out tip which helps to keep your insulin levels from increasing too much which helps you to ovulate more regularly

  • The time of each day that the reproductive organs renew themselves and how to be sure they're getting the best time for renewal so that they can work properly. If you don't respect this natural 'rule', you'll likely have a much harder time conceiving

  • An herb that balances hormones in both men and women and reduces PMS

  • Plus I'll reveal the mysterious reason why some women see positive ovulation predictor tests when, in fact, they may not be ovulating

  • I'll show you and your husband which form of vitamins are the easiest to digest, which produce the least amount of stomach irritation and which will give you the best chance of curing infertility
  • I'll be introducing you to a special type of body work that's reversing infertility naturally (“yes”, it even works on blocked tubes, endometriosis and fibroids)

  • The fun and easy thing you can do to reduce stress and help you relax while making dinner or doing laundry

  • I'll give you an idea for a healthy, yummy, fertility enhancing snack that you can take wherever you go and eat whenever the craving for a candy bar or chips hits allowing you to increase your fertility rather than decreasing it

  • And much, much more...

If you have any questions or are experiencing problems becoming pregnant, then this coaching course is perfect for you. Through each weekly lesson, you'll be continually moving closer to curing your infertility and enhancing and improving your chances of becoming pregnant with everything you learn.

What members are saying about the course..


"There Is Such A Need For Your Course. It is Great."


Success Story #112

becky-pregnant at 41I am excited about being part of your Infertility Cure system. It gives me something to hold onto and the hope that I need that I may be blessed with another baby.

There is such a need for your course. It is great.

(Update a few months later...) With the help of your courses, I got pregnant a few weeks before my 41st birthday.

Thank you again for the wonderful gift that you have given me. It really has made me very happy. I feel blessed to receive it.

Your course is definitely worth it.

~ Becky, Missouri - "The Infertility Cure" member


Pregnant Again After A Year & 3 Miscarriages


Success Story #111

SharleseHello Kirstyn,

I'm 35 years old and I found out I have polyps. I had the polyps removed last November and now we dont know why its taking so long to conceive...

(Sharlese purchased The Infertility Cure and started doing some things to balance her hormones and increase her fertility...6 weeks later she conceived.)

I just wanted to let you know that i just recently found out I'm pregnant!

Thank you for your support through the process of getting pregnant.

I had been trying again for a child after a year and 3 miscarriages.


"The Infertility Cure" member - Conceived 6 weeks after starting the system.

Update: I had a healthy little girl on June 7th. I'll definitely let you know if I need any help conceiving again.


I'm 37 weeks and so in love with this baby...


Success Story #11

Hello Kirstyn,

RebekahI took an at home pregnancy test on Thursday, and it showed two lines. I wanted to be sure so I took a blood test at Kaiser, and the results came back positive.

I am so excited. I actually had taken the month off from trying to conceive so that I could study the lessons you send me, and to give myself some time to de-stress. How funny that the month I take off I end up getting pregnant...

My husband and I have wanted a baby so much. Your course and also your e-mails gave me such hope. I am always interested in as much information as possible.

One of the lessons about love making was so important to me. What a good reminder that making a baby needs to stay enjoyable and not be a chore. I think that is the biggest reason I became pregnant. Thanks so much for everything. I look forward to learning more and growing a healthy baby inside of me.

Rebekah, California USA - The Infertility Cure course member

isaacUpdate: I am 37 weeks today. It is so amazing how much I love this little baby inside of me even though I haven't seen him, I feel like we have grown so much together. I can only imagine how this feeling will be multiplied once I give birth.

Baby Isaac


I am pregnant


Success Story #35

Hi Kirstyn:

I would like to cancel my membership to the lessons. I am pregnant.

Thank you.

Jennifer - "The Infertility Cure" member


"I'm 13 weeks pregnant"


Success Story # 113

Hi Kirstyn,

Thank you so much for all of your help. I'm 13 weeks pregnant and it is highly unlikely that it would have happened without your advice and help.

I'm going for a scan on Thursday, so I'm looking forward to that.

I cant thank you really are an angel in disguise!

Kindest regards,

Elizabeth x - "The Infertility Cure" course member

    As a bonus, I'm going to include my entire Pregnancy Keys Program which includes 3 videos, audios and pdf reports.

    The price for The Infertility Cure lessons AND the Pregnancy Keys Program, including videos, audios and pdf reports has sold for $367.00, but for a limited time, I'm offering a 20% discount and I've put it on a 3 pay plan of just $97 per month.

    When you order, you'll receive immediate access to ALL of the lessons, plus I'll send them to you each week so you'll be sure to have time to really apply what you learn. With the 3 monthly payments, you can cancel anytime, which means, that if you wanted to download all of the information, and then cancel your subscription after the first payment, that you could get all 18 lessons and bonuses for just $97. Of course I hope you'll see the value in these lessons and realize that the price is a bargain in itself but you'll definitely have the option to cancel your subscription anytime.


    Your material is VERY good



    Hi Kirstyn,

    “Your material is VERY good. After all of the years I spent looking for information on my own, yours is the only resource I found with such a vast amount of information all in one place! It is well thought out, well organized, and well balanced.

    You have the ability to communicate a wealth of knowledge without overwhelming or intimidating the learner. Your style is candid, positive, and fun. Learning from you was like having a conversation with a good and very knowledgeable friend.”

    I was actually shocked at how much info I received from you through "The Infertility Cure" course. It really is a lot.

    Thank you for everything, Kirstyn!

    Petra N., Colorado - "The Infertility Cure" course member

    P.S. I spoke briefly to a reproductive endocrinologist early this year. My husband and I also attended his free seminar. I won't bore you with the details, but let's just say that you have been infinitely more helpful than he was!



    100% Happiness Guarantee

I want you to be absolutely delighted with what you are about to learn, so here's the deal...  

    60 Day Happiness Guarantee

    If you're not happy with the course for any reason, just send me a note asking for a refund within 60 days of your purchase and I will promptly and courteously issue a full refund.


The Infertility Cure

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Once your order has been processed, you'll be taken to a page where you can register your membership, and gain access to all of the lessons in The Infertilty Cure System.

I'm sincerely looking forward to sharing with you over the weeks ahead, and I'm looking forward to hearing about your success when you conceive the baby you so desperately desire.

Best Wishes,

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Kirstyn Sierra,
Pregnancy Consultant


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